Temple Building Fund – the target is NZ$2,000,000

Donations and Building Fund

Sri Ganesha Mulasthana Murti

We were extremely delighted to reveal the completed Sri Ganesha Mulasthana Murthi to devotees, and we request that you be part of this historical Prathishta by donating generously towards its cost, import, prathishta (Consecration), and a small mandapam to house it. It is a lifetime opportunity for all of us to be involved in this Piunniya Karyam.
The height of the Sri Ganesha granite murti is 4 feet from the base, and it weighs roughly 400 kilos. Along with the murti, Mooshik, the vahana of Sri Ganesha, a Bali Peeta (A Bali Peeta or Pitha is the sacrificial altar of a Hindu temple. It is generally built in the shape of a blossoming lotus, erected near the main entrance of a temple. Offerings of riceballs, referred to as pinda, are usually made by adherents upon a bali pitha.) and an avudai (‘Avudaiyaar’ as it is called in Tamil is the middle part of a shivalingam, the upper part is called the ‘baana’ & the lower part is called the ‘peeta’. These three parts from bottom to top signify the presence of Trimoorthis, Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva.)
The estimated cost to import these is $35,000, and we kindly request devotees to donate generously towards the cost of getting them inside the country ASAP.


Land and Building fund

Although we own the current temple premises at #3 Bishopdale Court, it is not purpose-built, and hence, we will be buying land and building a temple. In order for that to happen, we request devotees and the public to donate generously towards that. The estimated cost currently is about $2 million which includes the temple, a hall to organise events, a kitchen and a dining hall.

How the Money will be used:

All donations collected as a part of this fundraiser will reside in a separate endowment account, which will not be utilized for the temple’s day-to-day poojas and utilities.


Our pledge process allows members to set their own level of support based on a target support level of 5% of household income – we estimate that if families self-assess at this level, we will have adequate funds to operate.


Ordinary Members are also asked to contribute $1,500 to the building fund over the lifetime of their membership. It is generally paid in ten annual payments of $150. This pledge structure is based on our deep conviction that the vast majority of members will be guided by their sense of responsibility to support the Hindu community in a spirit of generosity and goodwill.


Because some members will be unable to meet the target level, we greatly appreciate the generosity of members who are able to make up the shortfall.

Om Gan Ganapathaye Namaha!

STGC Trustees & Management

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